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Top Tips

Top tips for parents and carers supporting remote learning at home 

Below are some ideas that we hope will provide some structure and help. There are also some tips on the Covid 19 information section of the website. 


Sharing the day’s timetable

This can be done visually or just by talking through it. For some children giving them an option to order their own timetable or decide on what to do in breaks can help. You can download free images or pictures/words on Postit notes or a wipe off board are just as effective. 


Setting a time limit for an activity

We don’t want children to feel overwhelmed, so we would discourage spending too long on each task. The time allocated will depend on the age of the child and the task being done. Setting a time can also be a motivational tool and help children to complete a task. This also works well supporting with the transition from one activity/lesson to another. It might be useful to use timers or countdown warnings.


Building in short brain breaks

Short breaks with a physical activity can be really useful. For example, 10-star jumps, touch your toes, run around the garden – anything really that just gives a break and allows the brain to refocus. The Imoves Website is a really useful tool. The active blasts section has lots of ideas for regular brain break ideas and the health and well-being section for breathing exercise and other support. 



Home learning is hard for parents and children, so recognizing when your child is working hard can be a good incentive to keep them going. Rewards charts are often useful with small achievable successes each day to build upon and little rewards e.g. playing football outside for 10 minutes, or a tasty treat. 


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